Restore | prod Operation

A pool of industrialists mobilizes

€10.000,00 discount on your maintenance spare parts

Sell your surplus and dormant industrial maintenance parts

from 04/27 to 07/31/2020

Restore | prod Operation

Covid-19: Restarting production lines

When restarting production lines, maintenance teams will face numerous failures of parts such as automata, electronic cards, motors, etc. which will not have supported the extended shutdown and restart.

This is why a pool of manufacturers including Michelin, EDF, Sanofi, Air Liquide... and many others has taken the initiative to make thousands of dormant industrial maintenance parts available to all producers who will need them.

The parts made available are either new or used and tested and in all cases in excellent condition and perfectly functional. They also benefit from a 3-month warranty.

European industrialists : Take advantage of the operation

All European manufacturers who use maintenance parts for their production lines are invited to participate in this solidarity operation.

  • I sign up below to get my €10.000,00 coupon
  • I buy all the parts I need on
  • I benefit from a 30% reduction on the entire platform until my coupon of € 10.000,00 is used up
  • I can benefit from my coupon during the whole operation
  • I register below to become a participant
  • I provide my parts lists using the template here
  • kheoos takes care of publishing the announcements and setting the prices
  • On receipt of kheoos orders, I prepare the parts within 48 hours, hand them over to the kheoos transporter and receive my payment.

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Who are we ?

kheoos optimizes the management of your industrial maintenance parts by offering to resell your dormant and surplus stocks and also to buy your parts on its dedicated marketplace

A pool of industrialists is mobilizing

A pool of industrialists is mobilizing

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